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Sur les 3 dernières années, j'ai interviewé une centaine de leaders de l'Internet aux USA et en Europe. Voici quelques unes de ces interviews :

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Sarkozy, Royal and the French Presidential Elections : isn’t it about the ability to drive change?

For our international friends who may be catching up on the french elections, France’s next president will be elected next sunday by 8pm. The 2 finalists are Nicolas Sarkozy, conservative/liberal and Segolene Royal, socialist/in favor of government assistance on most matters. Most of international observers agree that politically France lives with the memories of its […]

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Eyeka launches « 48 Hours film project » in France

Friday April 27 – 7pm. Meeting point Eyeka‘s terrasse. 11 young directors will receive their brief and they will return on Sunday April 29 with their film, cut and ready to show. It’s a little special since the teams have already proven their talent in previous editions. The winners will be rewarded at The Cannes […]

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Adrian Johnson and Johan Sundberg are launching Qinova TV

Adrian Johnson was very at ease in Cannes at the MIP TV…but I assure you that he had back to back meetings. In 2003, he co-founded MrFootage, with his old friend from the Berlin days, Swedish former media executive and Strix Television CEO, Johan Sundberg. MrFootage ambitions to create one of the largest independent online […]

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Fanny’s party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Paris

Mobile and 2.0 geeks met yesterday at the Hard Rock Cafe in Paris, France for Fanny’s party. A number of start-ups, bloggers and influencers were there: Parrott, Jubii, Wowwee and his Dragon Fly, Jerome Bouteiller, Gregory Pouy, Altaide, Moovement, Blue Kiwi, Pikeo etc. Networking was intense. And Fanny made sure everyone got a little present. […]

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Scaglia and Lumer ran the show at Babelgum’s launch party at the MipTV

I wanted to know more aboutBabelgum, the new venture from Silvio Scaglia and Erik Lumer. They call it “The global internet TV network”. Scaglia is chairman of FastWeb, the second largest wireline telecommunication company in Italy. Previously, he was CEO of Omnitel, now Vodaphone Italy. He is known to be the 746th richest man in […]

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Orange NeXt opens Soundtribes for music lovers on April 30th.

Orange is about to launch Soundtribes : a new business model for self-produced artists. Soundtribe is a community for Music Lovers, artists and musicians to promote, to distribute and to sell their music as ringtones on mobile phones. The artist receives a revenue share from ringtones made from his own music. Price is around 3€ […]

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French presidential elections : Sarkozy 31,1% Royal 25,8%

After the first round of the local french presidential elections, we are back to a traditional Right/Left opposition (after the right/extreme right in 2002). The specific about France is that these two positions relate to 2 different visions of our french society. I am not sure that it is the case in the US where […]

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Broke my arm…I’m not Tarzan

As the MIP TV market was in Cannes last week and it was Easter vacation, i had moved my family to a nearby city, in Grasse. Played in the evening in the garden…broke my arm. …I’m not Tarzan. Copyright Marvel and Edgar Rice Burroughs

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Froissant and Menneveux launch Moovement: it’s « hiring 2.0 style »

Richard Menneveux, an internet wizard, and Jacques Froissant, a renowned expert in the hightech/start-up recrutments are the founders of Moovement , selected as BestInnov at Capital IT 2007. To make a long story short, Moovement is a google for job search. France is planning 1.22 million hires in 2007. Moovement is signing partnerships with the […]

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Eyeka strengthens its leadership team with the addition of Sadek Chekroun ex. Yahoo!, Simon Guild ex. MTV and Bruno Massiet du Biest, 118 218

As founders, Gilles Babinet and I are stepping up Eyeka’s international development in Europe. It is a turning point in our growth and a commitment to create value for our clients, our authors and our shareholders. Three leaders in their respective fields are joining Eyeka. Sadek Chekroun takes over as CEO. Sadek was a key […]

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