Franck Perrier Business Goes Digital

Sur les 3 dernières années, j'ai interviewé une centaine de leaders de l'Internet aux USA et en Europe. Voici quelques unes de ces interviews :

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CBS acquires for $280 million cash. What happens to Pandora?

Internet, I-tunes and later Pandora had driven me back (briefly) to the music stores where i had not bought music albums for years. With Pandora, I was able to build radio channels around some of my favorite artists – Moby, Pat Methany, Massive Attack, Philipp Glass (on and many more. What i particularly liked […]

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Emmanuel Chain launches the first and only « Le salon de la tele »

Emmanuel Chain wanted the audience to meet the TV stars, anchor men and personalities. « The salon de la tele » will be about what’s behind the TV Set and about tomorrow’s television programs. His idea became the first consumer show about television. The show will welcome all TV channels and most media players in France. He […]

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Christian Jegourel about YouVox and the taxi driver’s paradox

Have you heard of the taxi driver’s paradox according to Christian Jegourel, the founder of YouVox? « Everybody drives a car, but a few of us make it our job ». I don’t like to drive but i get the idea! YouVox regroups several collaborative online web magazines built by amateurs journalists. It is French for the […]

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New Skype worm spreads quickly.

Do not open unknown links on Skype. There has been an effective and malicious attack with the new variant worm targeting Skype. It comes in a chat message as a .pif file, that poses as « photos ». It targets anyone on your contact list using AIM,ICQ,Messenger,Miranda,MSN,Trillian (which uses all of the above) and Yahoo. You’ll find […]

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The new official photograh of French President, Nicolas Sarkozy

Copyright: Philippe Warrin/Sipa Books, european and french flags, light on the president… what do you think about the photo? How much was this picture sold? On Tuesday may 29th, Beatrice Garrette, managing director of SIPA Press, told me that the price for this picture was not yet set by La Documentation Française. The shoot was […]

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Jeremie Roux’s urban landscapes are timeless jewels.

Sometimes it may seem easy. That’s Jeremie Roux. He graduated from Stanford with Master’s degree in Computer Graphics, lived in San Francisco and worked in different start-ups in, co-managed a model agency in Paris, and is a talented photographer with several exhibitions in galeries in France and the US. He transforms industrial and urban landscapes […]

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Apple threatens legal action against Ann Summers sex toy add campaign

      Smile but this is serious business – revenues and brand image (i.e. heavy investments). Ann Summers sells sex toys. One of them, iGasm, plugs into a music player and vibrates to the beat. Do let your imagination ramble a little!. They released an add which copies Apple’s iconic iPod advertsing campaign. Apple […]

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How entrepreneurs spend their investors’money!

Digicompanion hosted a coktail to celebrate their recent first round of €1.7 million. Right on the heart of Paris, near Notre Dame. Thanks Jeremie and Jean-Marc : i had a great time! PS. The party’s cost was a rocketing 800€

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Microsoft continues to loose ground in search

The blogs have heavily commented the recent acquisition of aQuantive by Microsoft, as part of a move in strategic businesses. They have been put back in perspective of the great number of acquisitions of advertising companies over the past 8 weeks. All of it seems to be based on future earnings in online advertsiing. All […]

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Le Monde : Serious blow for Jean-Marie Colombani

Le Monde has a similar impact in France as The Times in England or the Washington Post in the US. To some extend. So what happened yesterday is quite an upheaval in the small world of the french media. Le Monde’s editor in chief, Jean-Marie Colombani, fails to be re-elected as the group’s president. (« Le […]

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