Charles Nouyrit presents the Tokeda Project : an avenue for digital security

I remember chatting with Charles Nouyrit at a recent CEO bloggers dinner. He had joined Groupe Reflect a few months back and enjoyed business development for this web agency. I thought he was pretty settled and committed not to « fly from a tree to the other ». And there he was, announcing the Tokeda Project. Charles combines an entrepreneurial background, a significant expertise in consulting with a large corporate accounts, a long experience as a blogger where its own digital identity is at stake. So the timing seems good in light of the number of digital projects being currently financed.


Charles’starting point is the following : « how can we protect our digital identity? ». In other words, anyone can go on the web, borrow your digital identity, create a false one and generate bad will or more to your name. That is specifically what happened to Alan Herrell, a famous blogger under the name The Head Lemur. Charles tells the story of Alan Herrell. .

Here is how he describes the project.

The Todeka Project is a shareable Web page, OpenID enabled, that lists all your personal sites and certified your identity.
Your Todeka Project Landing Page is always current and up to date, providing the world with all of your personal Websites, Social Networks, Blogs, contact info, and Photo and Video Sharing sites, and all the digital service that you are using.

The Todeka Project is a secure place where you can manage all your Digital Identity services without the need to remember all your personal information and from any device, and you’ll be able to decide which kind of information and to whom you want to provide it.

Overview in French here
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Charles Nouyrit, founder of The Tokeda Project
April 27,2007, in French

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