Eyeka among the Ten Web 2.0 Wonders according to the AlarmClock Europe

The Alarm Clock Euro, specializing in the business of technology startups, published on May 16 the list of the 10 most 2.0 promising start-ups in France. This selection was conducted in partnership with Techcrunch France and Ouriel Ohayon.

Some of the criteria for their choices

1) Privately held 2) great founders 3) consistent execution on business plans 3) innovation 4) User uptake (based on sources like Comscore, Statbrain, Alexa ranking, and blog buzz).

Here is a quick analysis of the french web2.0 scene :

Looking at France, Web 2.0 sees a thriving blog market, 10M bloggers as of January, and a lot of video platform projects. Other Web trends: a mature ecommerce market. The private sale of brand name discounted goods has taken hold. Social networks are not as popular among entrepreneurs in France, but the mobile/web hybrid is.

We are all very proud at Eyeka to be among this list, based on critieria which relate to the market’s and our peer’s perception and analysis.

Comments in French on Neteco.

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