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Sur les 3 dernières années, j'ai interviewé une centaine de leaders de l'Internet aux USA et en Europe. Voici quelques unes de ces interviews :

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Prix Humour et Politique au Press Club de France

….je n’ai pas résisté au plaisir de partager avec vous les petites phrases nominées pour la cinquième année pour le Prix « Press Club, Humour et Politique » du Press Club de France le 3 juillet prochain. Celle de Klarsfeld, qui se présentait dans le 12eme, est exceptionnelle car d’une rare innocence. Et vous, pour […]

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Carloz Diaz secures $5.3 million from Sofinnova and discusses Blue Kiwi development plans.

Blue Kiwi ‘CEO Carlos Diaz announced yesterday that Sofinnova invested €4 million ($5.3 million) in the company to speed up international development of the 1 year old start-up, founded in 2006. BlueKiwi sells an entreprise collaborative social software. The software enables collaborative work within entreprise social networks. An example : allowing a sales force spread […]

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Armelle de Thé presents Kazados TV, the new french teenagers TV.

This is not American Graffiti….and it is a french initiative. opened in Beta on June 11th and will be launched in September 2007. The concept is to bring TV for teenagers on the web. Teens (12-16) are more interested by their computers, games stations or other new toys than by traditional media. However, they […]

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BlackBerrys banned for members of the French government

French President Sarkozy’s government members can’t used their Blackberry’s anymore! For this younger generation, used to email, mobile text message , it’s a handicap in their daily business. Just think about yourself! The French General Secretariat for National Defence (SGDN) assessed that the BlackBerry system is based on servers located in the US and the […]

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Pascal Thomas, VP Orange NeXt, launches Soundtribes’ beta version

SoundTribes opens its beta version today. The announcement was made iin Paris on June 19th, 2007 by Pascal Thomas who runs NeXt as a start-up within Orange and developped the service with its team. To make a long story short, Soundtribes is a european MySpace with an integrated revenue potential for self-produced artists: they can […]

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Gilles Babinet and Franck Perrier : first feedback since Eyeka opened on April 2nd, 2007

Gilles and I were interviewed by Christian Jegourel, founder YouVox, an online community magazine. The real news here is that i believe it is our first joint interview. The real challenge was to say as little as possible until we have more announcements to make… starting next week Gilles Babinet and Franck Perrier, co-founders Eyeka, […]

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How Brash Entertainment LLC raised as much as $400 million.

Brash Entertainment LLC announced on June 4th 2007 that they raised $400 million from investors including ABRY Partners LLC, New York Life Capital Partners, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance and PPM America. Brash is in the videogame industry, competing against Electronic Arts Inc. Activision Inc and others. For many years, companies in the gaming industry developed […]

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Leila Boujnane, CEO Idée, discusses her development plans

When you are a photographer or a videomaker, the key question you end up asking very early on in any conversation is « How can my images be protected from piracy?. Toronto based Idees Inc, founded by Leila Boujnane and Paul Bloore develops advanced image recognition and visual search software. Their clients include the world’s largest […]

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What will Google be in 2010?

Frantz Grenier, from the Journal du Net, asked the question to 5 french tech. leading personalities clockwise Olivier Andrieu – Abondance; François Bourdoncle – Exalead; futurologist Thierry Gaudin; Pierre Chappaz – Netvibes,Wikio and Michel Meyer -Kewego. What i got out of it… By 2010, Google will be an advertising giant, being an advertising agent for […]

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Tony Parker may be a star, but the NBA Finals had the lowest Viewership

How to secure the highest audience? Tough job! Tony Parker got the MVP title, will marry on 7/7/7 Linda Longoria, one of the stars of « Desperate housewives » and has a hit music record in France…but that’s not enough when the outcome is clear for basketball fans. The San Antonio Spurs beat the Cleveland Cavalier 4 […]

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