Franck Perrier Business Goes Digital

Sur les 3 dernières années, j'ai interviewé une centaine de leaders de l'Internet aux USA et en Europe. Voici quelques unes de ces interviews :

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Off with the family for 2 weeks. Back on august 10th. Enjoy your summer!

22 juil 2007 | Lire la suite

Thomas Crampton « The internet is going to become a nasty place ! »

Thomas Crampton’s life is changing at the speed of the internet and he is cumulating with reasonable stoicism three of the most stressfull events in life : getting married, changing jobs – after 12 years in journalism, he will launch start-ups supported by Next Media, one of the largest media group in Asia – and […]

15 juil 2007 | Lire la suite

How the movie industry will use social networks to continue to grow.

The Future Film Summit organized by Screen Daily was taking place in London on July 11th and 12th, and focusing on emerging opportunities for film content, distribution and marketing. I was invited to participate on a panel focusing on HARNESSING SOCIAL NETWORKS. With young people flocking to join social networks, how best should filmmakers plug […]

13 juil 2007 | Lire la suite

Postini’s acquisition by Google is aiming at Microsoft’s business

     Google is now mostly focusing on giving its corporate users a better and secured experience in search and related web services. The recent acquisition of Postini for $625 million confirms that strategy. I am not an expert in Spam prevention and here is an interesting point of view of a venture capitalist who knows […]

11 juil 2007 | Lire la suite

Sanjay Kapoor « Ruby is closer to humans than it is to a computer »

Sanjay Kapoor, a Chicago based serial entrepreneur and now consultant in computing applications, was in Paris a few weeks ago. He discusses Ruby and its framework « Ruby on Rails », created by these guys, which benefit from a growing popularity. As PHP and Java, Ruby allows to develop quickly. Many start-ups are considering Ruby and ROR […]

10 juil 2007 | Lire la suite

Zuda Comics : User Generated Talent hits the comic’s industry

You love to write, conceive and animate comics but just don’t know how to sell them. Zuda Comics is for you and will launch in October 2007. DC Comics, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, announced yesterday that they will open up to new talents and let people upload and share their cartoons in a variety […]

10 juil 2007 | Lire la suite

E.Y.E.K.A. the soul of the eye

Michael, a.k.a. Sytaime remixed a couple of my interviews and Gille ‘s. Fun

06 juil 2007 | Lire la suite

Pekin, l’élection présidentielle américaine et le foot : créez du revenu pour vos business!

Accrochez vous et soyez créatifs! Voici les événements qui vous permettront de créer des revenus additionnels. Les Jeux olympiques de Pékin devraient générer un surcroît d’investissements publicitaires de l’ordre de 3 milliards de dollars en 2008, dont 1 milliard en Chine selon Zenith-Optimedia. L’élection présidentielle américaine et l’Euro de football (organisé en Suisse et en […]

05 juil 2007 | Lire la suite

Maurice Levy and Publicis speed up their initiatives in the web 2.0.

Simultaneously to its acquisition strategy, Maurice Levy, predident of Publicis Groupe, is building its know-how in the web 2.0 through a couple of entrepreneurial projects. It is this unique combination – M&A and entrepreneurship – which, in my opinion, makes their web2.0 and interactive strategy more relevant. On June 28, in partnership with Dassault Systèmes […]

04 juil 2007 | Lire la suite

Everything you always wanted to know about the iPhone Launch

Talk of the town is the iPhone – like it or not, this is a summary of what you need to know to look smart at your coktail parties! – 525,000 iPhones sold in the first weekend since the iPhone launched on Friday June 29th, 2007. – Half of Apple’s stores on the US west […]

03 juil 2007 | Lire la suite

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