Franck Perrier Business Goes Digital

Sur les 3 dernières années, j'ai interviewé une centaine de leaders de l'Internet aux USA et en Europe. Voici quelques unes de ces interviews :

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Is Nokia burning? CEO Stephen Elop’s letter to all Nokia’s employees

Is Nokia burning? Here is the internal memo from Stephen Elop to all Nokia’s employees. It is an honest, brutal and courageaous call for change in company which is still a worldwide leader in the mobile industry, but has missed out on innovations. A must read. Hello there, There is a pertinent story about a […]

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Foursquare: 381 millions check-ins and top usages

Geolocalization is still a frontier and we don’t even know yet where it will lead us. Brands and corporations start to leverage this usage. If you ever doubted Foursquare’s popular success, check out their amazing growth and where the 381 millions checkins come from. Below.

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