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Month: mai 2007

New Skype worm spreads quickly.

Do not open unknown links on Skype. There has been an effective and malicious attack with the new variant worm targeting Skype. It comes in a chat message as a .pif file, that poses as “photos”. It targets anyone on your contact list using AIM,ICQ,Messenger,Miranda,MSN,Trillian (which uses all of the above) and Yahoo. You’ll find […]

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Jeremie Roux’s urban landscapes are timeless jewels.

Sometimes it may seem easy. That’s Jeremie Roux. He graduated from Stanford with Master’s degree in Computer Graphics, lived in San Francisco and worked in different start-ups in, co-managed a model agency in Paris, and is a talented photographer with several exhibitions in galeries in France and the US. He transforms industrial and urban landscapes […]

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Microsoft continues to loose ground in search

The blogs have heavily commented the recent acquisition of aQuantive by Microsoft, as part of a move in strategic businesses. They have been put back in perspective of the great number of acquisitions of advertising companies over the past 8 weeks. All of it seems to be based on future earnings in online advertsiing. All […]

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Le Monde : Serious blow for Jean-Marie Colombani

Le Monde has a similar impact in France as The Times in England or the Washington Post in the US. To some extend. So what happened yesterday is quite an upheaval in the small world of the french media. Le Monde’s editor in chief, Jean-Marie Colombani, fails to be re-elected as the group’s president. (“Le […]

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