Alan Smith, President Cepic: “the internet has proved unifying for the industry”.

I interviewed in Malta Alan Smith, President of CEPIC, industry veteran of over 30 years. CEPIC, Coordination of European Picture Agencies Press Stock Heritage, was founded in 1993. CEPIC now represents more than 1,000 picture agencies and photo libraries in 18 countries across Europe, both within and outside the European Union.

Franck : Was the 2008 Malta edition of Cepic a successful one?
Alan Smith : We had 752 delegates from 400 companies and 50 countries. All the delegates are rather optimistic in spite of the uncertainties with the credit crunch.
FP : Cepic has a reputation for creating business opportunities. Was a lot of business conducted this year again?
AS : Yes, many delegates are discussing new distribution arrangements. The era of splendid isolation is gone. Content is for sharing. This is partly achieved through Cepic.

FP What has been the key event in this industry this year?
AS The key one has been the proposed sale of Getty.

FP What is the outlook for the industry?
AS. Delegates are looking for new content, for technology, for new ways of growing their business. The internet, which could have been devisive, has in fact proved unifying for the industry. The smaller players can now join in the game with the big boys (Getty, Corbis, Jupiter, Alami, AFP, Reuters etc. Note FP)
FP Thank you Alan