Christian Heilmann, Yahoo!, on building easy-to-use Interfaces.

I was attending tonight the Yahoo! developers network. It seems pretty far from my business of building strategies for companies. In addition, as Ludo said : might be a little technical for you. Yet, I see 2 benefits: strengthening my understanding of how developers can build “easy-to-use” applications and my ability to speak the language of technology. When you deal with developers, it might be useful as developers are from a different planet.:-)

As Christian Heilmann, international developer evangelist, says :

Web developpers build interfaces. Interfaces that allow people to reach their goals easily!

About Yahoo! ‘s API

Yahoo! launched early 2005 the first search APIs. 30 Apis and web services are offered today. Among these: Yahoo! User Interface serves over 1.1 billion files each week. Over 11 000 people are registered in YUI forum. Flickr which is the 2nd most popular API in the world. SearchMonkey is the first developer access to search result pages.

Christian’s presentations here

I had a hard time understanding Christian’s jokes, which every developer laughed at. So i guess i have some work to do…