Michael Moran and Reverend O’Rourke interviewed on Basil Pennington “As we knew him”.

This post is rather out of my 2.0 coverage. Is it really? Talking about community, here is a cistercian monk, Basil Pennington, who led and inspired hundred of thousands of others. He belonged to the christian community at large and contributed to create numerous ones, including The Mastery Foundation. His vision and faith led him to create “Centering Prayer”, a contemplative meditation and “Lectio Divina” to relate to the scriptures. He was probably one of the great christian thinker of the XXth century.

Michael Moran, board member of The Mastery Foundation and assistant superior general of the Sons of St. Francis de Sales and Ann Overton, Executive Director The Mastery Foundation and consultant, recently edited “Reflections on M.Basil Pennington, As we Knew him”. . Michael set out to get about 30 people to share how Basil impacted on their life.

I wrote a chapter of the book, titled “Lessons in Love”. Basil was a dear friend and a mentor. Thank you Michael for asking me to contribute and thank you Ann for editing my contribution.

You can buy here“As we knew him”, published by Parclete Press
Basil wrote and published about 50 books.

Over the past couple of months, i interviewed Michael Moran, the editor, Reverend P. Gerard O’Rourke and Steve Boccuzzi, contributors.

Michael Moran, editor and Steve Boccuzzi, one of the contributors, interviewed in Paris on
February 16, 2008.

The Reverend P. Gerard O’Rourke, Chairman of the Board The Mastery Foundation, Office of Ecumenical and Inter-religious Affairs, Archdiocese of San Francisco, interviewed in San Francisco on April 21, 2008