Quotes from Jack Dorsey, founder and chairman Twitter and Square

Quotes from Le Web where Loic enters a chat with Jack Dorsey, the founder and chairman of Twitter and Square

About Twitter
I started thinking about it when i was 15.
in 2006, SMS was getting really big in the US. We looked at it (Twitter) again.
I knew the concept was huge, but the velocity was surprising.
The most surprising thing is that people adopted the technology and made it their own.
Twitter showed that 3 concepts emerged: immediacy, approachability and transparency.

About Square
We’re focusing on the paiement experience and of the consumer aspect of taking paiements.
The real business for us is to get as many people to participate in.
We twitted about the company launch with less than 99 caracters and got 144 news articles.
We are going to give away the “square” for free.
We are giving a penny to charity out of each transaction.
We have a limited beta and we’re trying with different folks in NY, SF, LA and Missouri.
I’ve charged a few VC’s 25$ for the pitch.
We’re shooting for March 2010 to launch beta.
Our business is also to manage risk and fraud, and we have a lot of information to protect the transaction