Tattoo Facebook on your buttock for 150 000€…maybe!

I arrived yesterday in Malta and happened to share the cab ride to the hotel with Remi, a 25 year old French national. Remi lives in Malta and works in the internet gambling industry. He’s already traveled extensively, lived in London and in China. 10 days ago, he opened a group on Facebook and committed to tattoo Facebook on his buttock if he received 150 000€ from 150 000 members: 1€/member. He opened a paypal account.

Remi told me :

Best case, i make 149 999 € and don’t have to wear a tatoo. Worst case: i make 150 000€ and have to tattoo Facebook on my ass.

So far after 10 days, he’s got 120 members, 9 of which paid 1€. A long way to go Remi, but a good experience at creating communities 🙂

Can’t link to Facebook in Malta. So check here or type Remi Chalier Trueba in Facebook.