Le Web 10: Best quotes and one disappointment with Orange

Here are a selection of quotes from the conferences i attended at Le Web 10. Wish i could have seen more. Thanks Loic and Geraldine for bringing the Silicon Valley to Europe.

  • Jason Goldman, VP Product, Twitter  “Biggest mistake we made: we got complicated”
  • Dennis Crowley, Co-Founder, Foursquare “We’re building things that people want to use.”
  • Carlos Ghosn, Chairman & CEO, Renault S.A. & Nissan “We need to beef up the emotional side of the product (the car)”.
  • Sebastien de Halleux, Co-Founder “Playfish Many companies want to be in social media and the best place to be in social media is inside a social game.”
  • Mike Jones, CEO, MySpace  “We lost the battle against Facebook.”
  • Mikael Hed, CEO, Rovio (Angry Birds)  ”We know that  people play a lot. So we opened up to advertising. And it’s a good opportunity for brands. People stay with the game.”
  • Charlie Kindel, GM, WP7 Developer Ecosystem, Microsoft Corporation. About Windows Phone 7 “We build the product for people not for operators.” Whaooh
  • Stephane Richard, CEO, France Telecom-Orange  “We have pipes, but we are not pipes.” Whaooh again

On a more personal note, I was really disappointed by the fact that Stephane Richard, the (French) CEO of a company like Orange spent 7 minutes promoting the sale of the iPad in the Orange Boutiques. It was so out of touch with innovation at such a large conference. Poor interview as well from the journalist of Les Echos.